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  • Artistic Patch - Sweeties


    Artistic Patch Glitter - Sweeties

    This kit contains 12 pictures for decorating with glue patches and glitter sheets in a range of shimmering colours. Children choose a glue patch and stick it to a card of their choice. Next they choose a metallic transfer sheet, and place it on top of the glue patch. The shape of the patch takes on all the bright colour of the transfer! This kit is part of the Artistic Patch range and contains all sorts of textures for even more fun!

    2-step design process: apply the glue patch, then place the glitter sheet on top to add the finishing touches to the illustrations.

    A fun and original, no-mess activity.

    Little glue patches to stick onto the illustrated cards, or a notebook instead!

    A pretty storage pouch for storing the kit on the go.

    The Artistic Patch range features all sorts of textures for even more fun!