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  • Coloured Sands & Glitter - Dazzling Birds


    4 bird-themed pictures to brighten up with coloured sand and glitter. Children place the picture in the box, use the tool provided to expose the pre-pasted areas, and sprinkle over the coloured sand and glitter following the colour-coded instructions. Once they are finished, the birds’ feathers sparkle and shine – you can almost hear them singing!

    Sand pictures with extra glitter bringing added sparkle to children’s creations.

    1 clever tool created by Djeco for exposing pre-pasted areas.

    A no-mess activity: children work in the box to avoid scattering sand everywhere.

    A clever kit with a small hole in the box for collecting leftover sand and pouring it back into the wide pots.

    1 storage box with an elastic fastening for keeping equipment in.

    1 detailed step-by-step instructions booklet.