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The Crafty Creative Sewing Kit Wool and Sewing Craft Corinne Lapierre Miss Mouse Sewing and Embroidery Kits
  • Little Miss Mouse Felt Craft Kit


    Everything you need to make a Miss Mouse is in the box, including coordinating sequins.

    This kit will appeal to crafters of all abilities, including those just starting out, and anyone looking for an imaginative gift.

    Corinne has brought a fresh twist to a classic design and this heart is a fitting tribute to a loved one. It can easily be personalised with dates or letters and can of course be filled with fragrant lavender.

    A treat for those who just love sewing and learning or perfecting embroidery techniques, this kit is suitable for all crafters, including beginners, and the suggested embroidery patterns can be as elaborate or simple as one wishes.

    Pick up some scissors and get started!