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  • The Lettuce Who Wanted A New Look

    Letty isn’t happy with her leaves. Can her friends help her change? Or will they convince her she’s perfect just the way she is?This delightful story for youngsters is printed on paper containing real Lettuce seeds. So you can have lots of fun reading the story and growing your own lettuce together.What are Willsow books made of?PaperMade from post-consumer waste, recycled envelopes and recycled paper waste.BindingInsteade of toxic glue or metal stapels, the books are hand stitched with 100% natural cotton.InkThe inks we use are vegetable-based and Eco-UV based and are fully biodegradable.SeedsAll seeds are non-genetically modified seeds.They are all tested and approved by an external organisation.Production of the bookOur printing method is...The books are made here at Willday Printers in Leicester, England.