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The Crafty Creative Painting & Drawing Art Set Painting Set Djeco Arts & Crafts
  • Watercolour Workshop - Backlight


    A wild animal-themed watercolour activity specially designed to make watercolours accessible for young children. It gives children a wonderfully easy way to make beautiful shaded creations using watercolour crayons: first they colour the inside of the card, then add water using a damp brush. Once they are finished, they close the card: the images cut out of the paper stand out against the light of the sky behind.

    Large pastels can be diluted with water as an early introduction to watercolours.

    Elegant laser-cut lace illustrations.

    Clever cards that fold over children's work to showcase it.

    1 storage box with an elastic fastening for keeping equipment in.

    1 detailed step-by-step instructions booklet.